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We would like to invite you to apply for the opportunity to showcase your talent and illustrate your culinary perspective on the national platform at Kulture restaurant. Kulture: Black Chef Table is dedicated to supporting the diverse culinary landscape, the vast spirit, wine, beer makers, and black-owned food purveyors by providing a space to cultivate, incubate and promote talent. Each chef will bring their personal interpretation to seasonal ingredients, harvested from local African American farms, gardens, and food purveyors.Each Chef will tell their story and guide guests into the exploration of food and spirits rooted in the African diaspora. These Chef collaborations will be designed to showcase African food influences spanning across the Caribbean, Spain, Asia, Mexico, and Southern delicacies.C


Must have Food Manager Certification
Must have your own BOH staff (minimum 2)
Must create a minimum 3-course dinner experience
Must be adaptable to use seasonal produce from local black farms and gardens

Must Provide Insurance

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participating Chef for Black Chef Table.
We will review your information and a representative will contact you
via email within 5 business days.

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