Black Chef  Table

Kulture: Black Chef Table is an innovative dining concept that provides a national platform where talented Black chefs can illustrate their culinary perspective. It supports the diverse culinary landscape, the vast spirit, wine, beer makers, and
black-owned food purveyors by providing a space to cultivate, incubate and promote talent. Each chef brings their personal interpretation to seasonal ingredients, harvested from local African American farms, gardens, and food purveyors.
The individual dining experiences allow the chefs to tell their story and guide guests into the exploration of food and spirits rooted in the African diaspora. These chef collaborations are designed to showcase African food influences spanning across the Caribbean, Spain, Asia, Mexico, and Southern delicacies.

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Upcoming Events


Chef Michelle Wallace

Chef Wallace Presents

Smoke | Fire


November 7th  

Portion of the proceeds from Chefs  Black Chef’s Table event will go directly to the culinary students at Eisenhower High School.


Chef Shawn Osbey

 Chef Osbey



Sunday Dinner

November 12-13th



Just as the greatest artists send their works to galleries and museums around the world, Kulture's Black Chef Table is pleased to be a platform where the best chefs from across the United States will tell their culinary stories.  The events are designed to showcase the food and spirits rooted in the African diaspora. 

 We Are excited to announce The First Round

Line up of Chefs​.




Meet Our Parner Chefs

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Meet our African American Purveyors

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